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Best roulette software free

Beating online roulette with a roulette software is every player's dream, but if it was so easy to do so, many online casinos would have disappeared by now... See the guide to making money online for more details about the best roulette software available today.

Successful gambling with a roulette prediction software

There are many roulette number prediction systems that work, but you must be able to analyze their actual profitability and lifetime in order to start making money online. Always keep in mind that the web is a world of sharks. If you are not one step ahead, you are probably a small sardine.

In this article, I will tell you Denis' experience. As a regular reader of this blog, he accepted to give me a short interview ! Then I will introduce you the top ranked best roulette software free as well as various onilne money-making solutions.

Denis' Interview
Topic : roulette software free scam ?

When and why did you start looking for a free roulette software ?

Well, like most people, I think, I told myself that some complementary revenues could not hamr my budget, so I started searching for money-making systems on the internet with google. It was about 5 years ago, I was an internet beginner and looking back, I think I was a bit naïve, but anyway ! So I visited some websites one by one, and I tested pretty much everything I was being offered. I typically lost my investment on the very first day, but I kept on going because there were only small amounts at stake, and I was convinced that I was close to finding some kind of magic solution. I quickly turned towards roulette software prediction, because roulette wheels offer potentially the best redistribution rate in online casinos, therefore it's also the casino game that is most likely to feature an existing online roulette software that works !

Tell us your first experience with a software roulette solution

OMG I will always remember that first roulette software ! It really put me in a bad position... I had to download this roulette software on my computer, and it used to bet for me at a given roulette table. It just kept doubling bets spin after spin, i.e. an average hawks martingale, you know, so it quickly it reached the maximum bet authorized by the casino, and that's it ! All my wage was gone within few seconds ! For someone who planned to get rich, this was actually quite a bad beginning...

Today, how do you distinguish a reliable roulette analysis software from a poor roulette cheat software ?

Knowing that most of what I know about roulette software calculator systems, I have learned on this blog, so I guess this is a little test, right ? :)

So to put it in a nutshell, websites offering bad roulette softwares usually publish countless testimonies and success stories, but you cannot post your own testimony. In addition, the roulette software will hardly be usable in demo mode, or just in the short term. But above all, the developer will share it with other users out of pure generosity... There are some free roulette softwares out there, but users must usually participate to its development or help running it !

Guide to money-making-systems on the internet

If you are not regular reader of this blog, here is a small summary of its core concerns : analyzing all types of methods including roulette prediction online. For more consistency and information, I have created a directory that ranks all different money-making systems available on the web. Please leave your own comment and feel free to rate all featured websites to help other readers to find a roulette software that works ! You can check my guide to online money making.