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Looking for the perfect roulette system?

The truth about each roulette betting system

Best and worst roulette systems

Working as a bug finder for each individual Best Roulette system online or general money-making system : that's been my passion for the last 10 years, and today, I consider myself a professional. My experience has brought me a loyal readership and happens to give me irregular but comfortable income levels so far, with nice occasional surprises. When I started, I could not imagine such private records in the world of online casino games.

You are now visiting my latest blog, solely dedicated to the assessment of various online roulette systems. When I consider a roulette system useless or even dangerous, I justify my analyze, and I do just the same when a given casino roulette system arouses my interest in apositive way or through its innovative approach, or its remarkable efficiency.

Usually, I am not one of those "all or nothing" people, but when it comes to money earnings, I generally distinguish what I call an unbeatable roulette system from ... let's say a less winning roulette system. Though I do not claim to possess innate knowledge, and I remain open to futher debate; I also invite all my readers to challenge my positions or to ask me for advice, for example. My approach is based on dialogue.

Is it possible to beat online roulette ?

Theoretically, any online roulette system is more or less profitable in the long run. The problem is that the bankroll is not unlimited. Neither are the betting limits. So any roulette winning system is potentially good and bad - sometimes sucessful, sometimes not.

What matters is the winning propensity of each roulette gambling system. I consider that free roulette systems are valuable with real money when they enable you to win more often than you lose in the long run. Therefore it is necessary to keep testing every single real roulette system, which can sometimes represent quite some money...

Blacklist = scam roulette betting systems

In my articles, you can read a list of reviewed roulette systems that work, as well as the result of my ongoing research, via the money-making guide.

I am rather reluctant to categorize different roulette systems, so my lists is based on a scalable approach : if for some reason, a free roulette system of my blacklist suddenly becomes worth reassessing, I will update the list, and inform my readers through a dedicated article.

This is also the case if a casino roulette system I considered successful so far suddenly becomes less interesting. There was an example two years ago, when I was forced to apologize to my followers (although when I supported this system, my support was still absolutely legitimate). That's why I am more likely to advise people against a money-making system than to recommend one.

Which is the best roulette system currently available ?

I think that no roulette system is absolutely foolproof, since none will ever win every single bet, spin after spin. Playing roulette involves some risks, i.e. some losses, that must be compensated by some means. When playing with real money, you quickly realize what kind of roulette system you're dealing with by observing the bankroll's long-term balance going up or down. This means that it is useless to keep looking for an unbeatable roulette system. You should better look for one that is profitable in the long run, including after few occasional losses.

I have already analyzed many roulette systems, but if you discover something new that deserves a closer look, please keep me informed - I always am pleased to spot potentially malfunctional unknown systems, although they seem sophisticated at first sight. Visit my guide for online money making solutions in order to discover new promising roulette systems.