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Martingale roulette : Best martingale systems

Roulette martingales or martingale casino systems are betting systems based on mathematical calculations to prevent or offset cumulative losses at casino games, including roulette. In fact, it involves a gradual increase in bet amounts so as to cancel previous losses, until you win. Each martingale system has its own characteristics, with a more or less radical style, but all use the same basic principle. There are many different systems, such as the American martingale, etc. Let's talk about the 3 main systems.

Hawks method : a martingale roulette players know

Rationale and functionning

The Hawks method, aka classic martingale or Hawks betting system, is a mathematical strategy that solves all casino players's quest : how to make money fast ? It's known for being more aggressive than other martingales, and those who fear big bets usually rightly don't dare to use it, .

Example : the Hawks martingale system in action

Let's assume that the player only bets on colors, even though all even money bets offer the same chances of success, ie approx. one in two chances. Here is how the game proceeds while applying the Hawks martingale :

Bet on Betiing amount Outcome Bankroll
Black 1 Red -1
Black 2 Red -3
Black 4 Red -7
Noir 8 Red -15
Black 16 Red -31
Black 32 Black +1

As soon as one gets the winning color, he must restart from scratch with minimal bets until the next winner. This system erases the previously accumulated losses with each new spin, and brings the equivalent of the initial bet. This strategy may therefore seem very attractive at first sight, at least in theory ... But the casinos have developed a simple parade that reveals very effective.

Alembert betting system : reviewing a classic

How does this martingale work ?

The Alembert martingale betting system, aka Alembert's martingale system, is a martingale casino gamblers know well - it is based on a progressive evolution of the bet amounts to compensate previous losses of an unlucky sequence. When well applied, this strategy appears to be an excellent choice. It differs from the Hawks method through its more prudent bets, and a slower balancing of losses. However, it requires a series of successive gains to prove lucrative. Unless you have a high-performance roulette software, using a strategy like this offers a great advantage to the players. This Martingale roulette also differs from the Dutch martingale betting system. (see below).

Fact or fiction ?

Like the Hawks Martingale, Alembert's betting system exclusively uses the even money chances (red / black, odd / even, High / Low ) as they offer more attractive odds. You must gradually increment the bet amount by one additional unit per loss, and decrement by one unit after each win, to recover from all accumulated losses. At first sight, this martingale casino strategy might seem unbeatable to your eyes. The only drawback : the gradual increase of the bets can quickly raise the stakes, and the long series of losses require several wins to rebuild your capital. How effective is this martingale system ? Where does superstition ?

Demo session with this martingale roulette system

How to use this type of betting systems ? Very simple : keep betting on the same color until you win, while incrementing the bet by 1 unit after each loss, or decrementing by 1 unit after each win. Continue this until your balance is profitable.

NB : A unit may represent several credits (eg 5 credits.) but it must remain constant throughout the whole session. In this case, increment or decrement the bet by 5, or by 10, for example.

Bet on Betting amount outcome win/loss Bankroll
Black2 (+1)Red-2-3
Black3 (+1)Black+30
Black2 (-1)Red-2-2
Black3 (+1)Black+3+1
Black2 (-1)Black+2+3

Variation : You can switch colors after each spin, or after each win, or even after a given number of spins so as to improve your winning opportunities.

Dutch martingale system : maths vs luck

The Dutch martingale, like all martingale betting systems, systematically increases the bet amount to make money by balancing losses. Just like Alembert's Martingale, the Dutch martingale system is less extreme than the Hawks method, as more gradual but no less efficient. Unlike Alembert's Martingale, it is based on a different approach : the idea is to methodically compensate each single loss by toppin up with the equivalent of the loss plus one unit. It's designed to compensate losses in chronological order, and the player must increase / decrease the bets that have just compensated the previous loss. This method is more complex than others to implement insofar as it involves the tracking of all losses / wins. Like all other martingales analyzed during this investigation, it only uses simple chances (red / black, odd / even, high / low)


As Alembert's method, each loss is compensated by a higher wagering amount, generally + 1 credit (or unit). This technique differs from Alembert's strategy, though, especially through the chronology of the bet increases / decreases and the prioritization of losses according to their amount. Instead of simply raising or lowering the bets after each spin, previous losses are canceled first by maintaining the minimum bet +1 to compensate losses one by one, as many times as necessary. This roulette matringale's main asset is that it enables you to delay the increase in bet amounts, thus limiting the risks of big losses and and of reaching the bettting limits set by the casinos.

Practical case : The Dutch martingale betting system in action

This system also focuses on even money bets. This time, let's bet on even numbers for instance. We're trying to win as many 3-credit-bets as our previous 2-credit-losses, then as many 4-credit-gains as 3-credit-losses we had recorded to cancel our 2-credit-losses, and so on. Basically, we're incrementing the bet by one credit each time we can reach compensation for all previous losses from the lower level. When a given loss requires several higher losses before being compensated, these additional losses will be processed subsequently to be canceled in turn.


Tip : Always start with a first minimal bet (here : 5 credits) to avoid stakes to soar. Once your loss list is up to date, that is to say completely cleared, get back to the minimum bet amount in order to secure your revenues and reset the wagering levels.

Bet on Bet amount Outcome Profit/Loss Bankroll
Even10 (+5)Odd-10-15
Even15 (+5)Odd-15-20
Even20 (+5)Even+20+15
Even5 (-15)Odd-5+10

NB: Some players prefer to switch from odd to even numbers between every roulette spin, or after a certain number of spins, which remains unchanged throughout the session, in order to avoid reaching the bet limits imposed by casinos.


In the example shown above, the minimum bet is 5 credits. The first loss of 5 credits is thus countered by a 10-credit-bet, which will be maintained until cancellation of the first 5-credit-loss, regardless of the number of 10-credit-losses required to achieve this. In this case, the cancellation of the first loss involved an additional loss of 10 credits this time. Since the initial loss has been recovered from, we'll counter the second 10-credit-loss with a 15-credit-bet, until making as many as 15-credit-gains to cancel all previous 10-credit-losses, i.e. a single gain, in this particular case. Do the same for the 15-credit-losses, and then reset the wagering amounts to their initial level of 5 credits. This limits the stakes again, thus limiting the risk of exceeding the bet limits.

Risks and dangers of a martingale roulette

You may want to know whether there are any limitations or any risks associated with this type of roulette betting strategies ? Casinos have just developed the ultimate parade to cope with these martingale betting systems, to avoid bankruptcy : bet limits. Indeed, each table has a bet limit per box and per table. Thus, regardless of the martingale they choose, players end up exceeding the high limit over the losses, forcing them to lose money sooner or later. Forget all these martingale like systems for gambling because they are way too risky in real mode. You can visit our quick money making guide to avoid all websites praising such a betting strategy to force you to use the real money mode at one of their affiliate casinos.