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Do you know how to how to win at roulette in a casino ?

Most people think they know everything about winning at roulette after just a few spins. But they ignore that roulette is a highly strategic game, with potentially incredible profits, if you bet on the right numbers. It is the most "glamourous" of all casino games, and most roulette tables tend to attract fancy people, from the finest charlatans to the classiest gentlemen. So yes, there are always 2 ways to win roulette : now make your choice !

How to win roulette whatever it takes

how to beat roulette by cheating

Let's start with the "not so lawful" methods. Indeed, there are lots of ways to know How to win at Roulette in a casino by slightly breaking the rules. The first one, and probably the most popular one, consists in betting after the betting time is over (when the croupier says : stop betting !). This is absolutely forbidden, but if you are discrete enough, ideally with a cute tipsy blonde with a plunging neckline being your accomplice (except if the croupier prefers dark haired men, in which case you should better klook for another table or another accomplice), it's feasable, but at your own risks. This fraud is commonly known as "past posting" by professionals.

There are many variations for this type of frauds. Some cheaters prefer betting on simple chances to win roulette games, for example, to discreetly place a big chip in case of a winning outcome, others prefer always hiding big chips underneath smaller chips, and discreetly remove them if they are not going to win roulette. Both operations are delicate and risky, and can only be implemented in real casinos, as opposed to online casinos, who enable every user to start making a living online. For more online solutions, please check the guide to making money online.

Anyway, if you want to know how to win in roulette sessions like professional cheaters, you will have to develop your dexterity, as well as a foolproof toupee (the greatest cheaters often are alcoholics), a fake moustache and an extraordinary charisma. In casinos, like in real life, staff members always prefer to pay friendly people. If you're considering such a career, start improving your friendliness !

The truth about online beat roulette advices

Any methodology teaching you how to beat online roulette has its own advantages, its own drawbacks and its limits. I also want to warn you against the aberrations found all over the internet today, most are nothing but vulgar booby-traps. Beware of martingale and whatsoever, as well as of fanatics praising such wagering systems. Indeed, they have only one goal: they want to pocket a percentage of your losses generated through their system.

Reviews Roulette aims to show you how to beat european roulette tables in many different ways, without claiming to detain the absolute truth. To learn how to win at roulette, Reviews Roulette has compiled a non exhaustive, but scalable, listing of all the best websites to win at roulette, whether they are good or bad. Our readers are the juges ! Share your comments or request a review in case of doubt. Reviews Roulette wants to become some kind of an exchange forum.

Best way to win at roulette without risks

Beating roulette at online casinos

Without cheating, chances of winning at roulette in a real casino almost exclusively depend on your luck. If you are not an expert in roulette watching, but you still want to know the tricks of the best roulette players out there so as to play online roulette, and perhaps even make money with online roulette without hacking casinos, you will need to be pretty creative to multiply your chances of winning. In online casinos, surveillance is ultimate and flexibility is very limited. If martingales were the ultimate solution to win roulette sessions, everyone would be rich by now.

However, there are loads of internet scams, and it is better to learn some basics in order to be able to make the right decisions. Sometimes you will learn at your own expense, but you should always play for winning if you want any results. New community-based approaches based on shared statistics will definitely offer fair solutions for online players looking for allies to overthrow the balance of power with online casinos, often known for their ruthless policies.

New : How to beat online roulette in a team

I have experienced many things in the gambling industry. I have had some nice surprises, some big disappointments, and I have lost most of my secrets due to new technologies that enable an almost inviolable security. Here is yet a recent method to win at roulette is not (yet) illegal : online roulette player communities. Just like an organized gang, it is possible to share game statistics by transmitting them to a centralized software, which can thus predict upcoming outcomes with increasing accuracy. In fact, the accuracy of such systems increases with the number of accomplices.

These communities actually use a loophole in the gambling industry to overturn the game in favor of the players so as to win roulette sessions over and over again. Currently, no regulation prohibits online player gatherings, nor sharing game statistics. That's why I chose to mention such innovative approaches amongst my favorite solutions, for the efficiency and discretion that they offer to their end-users willing to learn how to win on roulette tables.