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Professional cheaters unbeatable roulette system unveiled

It is totally forbidden, but admittedly, potentially very lucrative despite the risks. Professionals get more and more creative to find ways to fool control systems and break the rules to win every time. The most surprising is the amazingly simple modus operandi used by cheaters.

They have developed an unbeatable roulette system

Las Vegas' greatest cheaters have developed a roulette system that proved absolutely unstoppable, that they have been exploiting for a long time. They have perfected its implementation over the years, without ever being charged of cheating.

This roulette system has even been reported in a full documentary, due to its formidable efficiency. Its simplicity is also quite disturbing : all you need to do is quickly switch the placed chips at the right time.

The only winning roulette system that lasted over 25 years

The true achievement of this winning roulette system is its extraordinary lifespan. Generally, this type of schemes are quickly unmasked and thwarted by casinos by simply changing the regulation. In this case, there is no real parade, provided that the trick is performed really smoothly.

It requires three accomplices : a conductor, who is only observing, distracting the dealer and giving green light signals, a magician, who is responsible for subtly replacing the chips depending on the outputs, and a collector, who is in charge of destabilizing the physiognomists behind the cameras, and collecting the earnings by entering the scene at the right time. This optimal configuration makes this ruse one of the best roulette systems that work.

What's the future of casino cheating ?

With the development of new technologies, casinos now enjoy a near 100% video coverage. Think again before you discreetly touch your girlfriend, because Big Brother is watching ! The advantage of this casino roulette gambling system is that it is undetectable, even when it takes place under the eyes of detectives. Do not abuse it though : you should better know when to stop.

Please be aware that this maneuver is reserved for the most talented experts distraction because it requires, among others, a certain know-how. The lesser of lack of control is synonymous sentence. If you are not into straight cheating, you should somewhat be interested in a legal and unbeatable roulette system, which even works with online casinos.