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The smartest roulette strategy to win all the time

This roulette strategy to win will make you richer than every other rouette player, regardless of the outcoming numbers. To learn how to win every time, without even betting a single token, read this carefully.

The most daring roulette strategy that works all the time

Either this is the unluckiest man in the world, or he's definitely the smartest of all men ... This american citizen from Maryland entered a casino in Hanover to play roulette, or rather to win through a sbtle ruse. So he sat down at his favorite roulette table to implement what can be called the most original roulette strategy to win ever seen.

Then one of the most unlikely things happened to him : the ball thrown by the croupier has suddenly left the wheel and was propelled into the air before knocking the player, named Stocks, just like a projectile. The man was hit just above his left eye, and said he was dizzy immediately after the shock. At that particular moment, his roulette strategy to win becomes really interesting.

Hilarious roulette strategy to win by sueing the casino

Like an italian soccer player, he (presumably - note) pretended to be disorientated due to the injury caused by the cursed (or providential) ball, and was immediately escorted by a security agent who poured an "unknown liquid" on his wound in a private area. As a result, he fainted due to disorientation related to the mysterious product he was given.

Since then, the victim of this flying roulette ball complains of various troubles such as blurred vision and sudden loss of balance. Apparently, he has not completely lost his mind, however, because he had the presence of mind to sue the casino, claiming no less than $ 300,000 in damages. This gentleman really knew how to win with panache with his unique winning roulette strategy, regardless of his bets !

How to take a roulette ball in your eye ?

If you also want to be hit in the face by a roulette ball, be aware that there are two ways of doing so. Either you are very patient and you approach the wheel as much as possible to increase the risks of injury with every spin (but the odds are still relatively bad), or you are the croupier's accomplice (which is illegal). In both cases, this type of roulette strategies require good acting skills and a perfect mastery of the art of simulating.

This unique roulette strategy that works even without betting at all will always surprise the casinos, who should better start training their staff properly... I guess that a wave of victims of such gross negligence on the part of dealers could potentially ruin some well established casinos. Why not sit at a poker table in Vegas and hope that a card accidentally hurts your eye or that you slip on a lost token to break your coccyx bone just in front of many witnesses?