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Comparing all martingale betting system categories

What's the best roulette martingale system ?

Each martingale system has its own qualities and its own drawbacks. The more aggressive it is, the quicker it will be to compensate your losses, like the Hawks Martingale, for instance, which cancels all previous losses with just one single win, with a small bonus on top of it.

Other martingales are more prudent, therefore slower, but also safer. As we already mentioned in our analysis of the best betting system, these betting strategies all share a common weakness : bet limits prevent them from being fully exploited in real-life situations.

Combining various betting system types

Advanced players usually switch from one betting system to another in order to manage the bet amounts' evolution, so as to gradually approach the bet limits. However, any martingale system has the same problem related to its very nature : increasing bets eventually proves its limits and will always result in some losses as soon as the maximum bets has been reached.

Fundamentally, no martingale is really to be favored : they are all losing roulete betting systems in the long run, according to their level of offensiveness. It be good to use them in an ad hoc short-term frame - nevertheless, always keep in mind that this is an unstable solution, and above all, never bet all your capital with such betting systems.