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Few words about me...

I am Georges Romaneski and I have founded Reviews Roulette. This is a brief summary of my financial career, before I turned into a blogger specialising in innovative ways to earn money on the internet.

Private and professional background

Academic background

After my secondary education in Sherbrooke, I started a Bachelor of Administrative and Financial Management at the University of Sherbrooke. I then joined the High School of Commerce in Montreal, which I left prior to the final exams to follow an accelerated training program with a broker specialized in trading in Quebec, due to a job offer in a financial group.

professional background

I started as an assistant in the risk management department in a US bank in Canada, where I evolved as a junior officer in the electronic trading department. After 5 years in the group, I was headhunted by a competitor, and then assigned to Luxembourg to build up a new team in a recently established unit. Back in Quebec, I went back to my previous employer and continued my career for another four years - but the work environment was gradually becoming worse, and with hindsight, the pressure may have ended up making me slow down. The last mission I was assigned to seemed indecent. I felt that there is a limit not to cross if you value your personal integrity. So I gave up and asked my resignation.

My transition

Just like many people, I turned towards the internet because of the opportunities to make money at home it offers. I soon realized that internet offers both good and bad things, and it was very difficult to know if an option can make you win or lose money until you have tested it! I managed to generate regular income with some systems found on the web, but their limited lifetime was still a big issue. Today, I make a living online, but it is no easy money, as most people think. Researching and analyzing money making systems takes considerable time and requires skills and experience.

Why Reviews Roulette ?

Reviews Roulette used to be a small and humble blog, on which I shared my latest findings and, above all, where I warned people against corrupt websites. Today, I wanted to go way beyond that original concept by integrating some kind of a guide ranking all online money making sites.

In these hard times, many people want to make a living online, but unfortunately, sometimes they get a little blinded, which tends to attract the sharks willing to take advantage of those in need. With this website, I would like to enable anyone to have his say, by posting his own review transparently.
Giving access to the best websites available today and warning against potential frauds and scams : this is Reviews Roulette's ambition.